Seo Consultancy Ltd To Open Workshops For Small Business Owners

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Screen Shot 2014 06 30 at 11.45.28 AM 380x187 A Introductory Guide to Cross Channel Remarketing on Facebook, Twitter and Google

SEO Consultancy Ltd is launching free open days, where business owners can come and find out what SEO will work for them. There is no up selling, just an information and experience sharing event. These events are aimed to inform and educate local business owners to make sure that, they are not fooled by scrupulous companies and individuals. Selected participants will also have an opportunity to take part in a new case study, by SEO Consultancy Ltd. This case study specifically targets, small business owners and impact on their businesses through correct online representations. The case study will be published in the newly launched SEO blog , by SEO consultancy Ltd. Dr. M Mansoor Siddique, the CEO of SEO Consultancy Ltd has said, 75% of our clients are company owners who have had negative experiences with SEO Companies. They were fooled by low prices, or did not know what questions to ask.

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