Discovers ‘negative Seo Marketing’ Aimed At Law Firms

law firm web marketing consultant discusses investigation of negative SEO marketing

Many of these low-quality backlinks overlapped, indicating that someone was using the same harmful backlink campaign against those same clients. Oakes reports that he and fellow analysts eventually identified two law firms that were likely to be behind the negative SEO campaign. The article does not name the suspects. Oakes reports that has contacted Google about its concerns and has shared its findings with other SEO marketing firms in the impacted geographic area. In the article, Oakes provides steps that can be taken to protect clients websites from negative SEO campaigns. He also calls upon Google for help.

Online Legal Marketing Blueprint for Personal Injury and Disability Attorneys To Be Revealed At PILMMA’s Upcoming Internet Domination Boot Camp for Lawyers

With seven years of corporate finance experience, Jabez brings an analytical perspective to his online marketing approach. He was also chosen as one of the judges for this years Your Honor Awards through the Legal Marketing Association. Jabez will be joined at PILMMAs Internet Domination Boot Camp for Lawyers by other online legal marketing powerhouses including Conrad Saam, Tim Hayden, Kim Walsh-Phillips and Alex Hambrick who will address hot topics in legal online marketing such as how to use social media to get more cases and engage potential clients, split testing and mobile marketing. PILMMA will be offering free webinars about marketing law firms online throughout the months of August and September.


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