The Science Of Arm Marketing: Seo

Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your Organic CTR


You must be logged in to download free reports. If you don’t have an account yet, registration is free and simple . How SEO Works: Its All About Chemistry SEO works the same way that word-of-mouth does. You would never endorse a restaurant that you didnt like, and you certainly would not recommend it to your friend.

Back to Basics – SEO 101 – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Keyword Research Keyword research is the basis of putting in place a sound foundation for your business. Some SEOs claim keyword research is worthless. Keyword research (along with competitive analysis ) is perhaps the most important activity that you can undertake to set the stage for all of the other work that you need to do. There are many tools and keyword research resources . Most use or know about Googles AdWords Keyword Tool nowadays. Its free and pretty simple to use. When using Google’s keyword tool, make sure you select Exact Match (from the left navigation) so that you can get a sense of how many monthly searches are performed using that specific keyword/phrase.

Want To Future-Proof Your SEO? 6 Ethical Guidelines To Consider


SEO takes time, especially if you must catch up to established competitors who also optimize for search engines. Im sure youve heard the saying that SEO is a cold war. It means that you must work to equal or exceed your rivals authority, then keep working in order to stay there all while they create more content and earn more links and citations. It can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to create demonstrable results. Sure, sometimes you can do it faster. Other times, it will take longer.

What is SEO?

These elements could then be displayed in the URL within search results, attracting users whose intent is shopping for the holidays/seasonal items. 5. Rich Snippets It seems like rich snippets are here to stay, and they can help boost your CTR. Since Google introduced rich snippets , all three of the top U.S. search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) announced joint support of , which provides a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers. Essentially, website owners can add HTML markup to a web page that allows search engines to identify specific elements on that page and, in some cases, display those elements in search results. (In Googles case, this often takes the form of rich snippets .) Google has made numerous updates to their algorithm since the introduction of rich snippets, resulting in more and more being displayed in search results. By marking up your HTML accordingly, your landing pages may be displayed in SERPs with rich snippets that can help draw a searchers attention. Many companies have already implemented structured data markup throughout their websites.


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