Back To Basics – Seo 101 – Search Engine Watch (#sew)

Six Must Have SEO Basics

For a quick competitive analysis, you can look at the domain authority and linking root domains (how many unique websites are linking to the domain). Then, you can use to check a websites indexation (how many pages they have indexed in the search engines) by doing a search. Why Bing? they seem to be pretty accurate with the real number of pages a website has, while Googles numbers seem to be a bit “hit and miss” (in some cases, over-stated). You often have to click through the results (toggle all the way through the pages of results until you get to the last page) to get a more accurate number. Some initial results will show, for example, 1,000 pages indexed until you click throughthen you end up with a number that will be something close to what youd see in Google Webmaster Tools.

13 basic SEO terms everyone should know about | memeburn

But are you familiar with the SEO terminology digital marketers use? Here are a couple of my favourite SEO terms: 1. Search engine optimisation In plain English, it means the processes that help a website achieve higher organic rankings on the search engines for specific keywords and phrases. 2.

Getting Those SEO Basics Right

Getting Those SEO Basics Right image Getting Those SEO Basics Right

The result: lively discussions in your blog comments section and added content at no cost. UGC is a scalable form of SEO that most webmasters should not miss out on. Conclusion SEO doesnt have to be hard. While the industry is rapidly changing every year, there are still a few timeless SEO laws that still exist. Pay attention to those laws and make the simple changes outlined in this post to give your organic traffic a bump.

Related Resources from B2C Free Webcast: The Art of Agile Marketing: How Geek Theory Helped Creative Teams Increase Productivity * Have an excellent site map and ensure easy navigation on your site. The more easily your visitor can get through your site, the better it is for your ranking. You may use images and videos on your site, but make sure that they are well described as search engines can pick up text and not images or video content. So have appropriate descriptions for all the images and the videos so that the search engines know exactly what they are about. It is also a good chance for you to include your keywords. * Do not overlook the power of the social media. Be it your blog or the fresh content pages of your website, link it properly on all your social media outlets as this will bring in more visitors.


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