How I Saved $24,000 While Traveling The World – Yahoo News

29 State Attorneys General Ask FDA To Strengthen E-Cig Regulations

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Schneiderman said in a statement . “While we applaud the FDA’s proposal to start regulating these tobacco products, it falls far short of what is needed to protect our youth. Each year, electronic cigarette companies spend millions of dollars advertising their product often on prime-time television glamorizing smoking in the same way combustible cigarettes did before those commercials were banned.” As our friends at Shots have reported , the FDA has proposed regulating e-cigarettes. The FDA had attempted to do so in the past, but that plan was thwarted in court. The latest attempt to regulate the industry came in April. A public comment period to its proposed regulation ends on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reports that the call from the AGs comes just as the popularity of e-cigarettes is growing.


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